Na-words with meanings
    nacaratbright orange-red
    nacellestructure on wing of airplane containing engine
    nacketsnack; light lunch
    nacreousof or resembling mother-of-pearl
    nadirlowest point; point diametrically opposite the sun
    naevousspotted; freckled
    nagorreedbuck of equatorial Africa
    naiantswimming horizontally
    nailold measure of two and a quarter inches
    nailagecharge for nailing up a package opened for customs inspection
    nainsookfine cotton fabric
    naissancenew development; birth
    naissantnascent, rising or coming forth
    nakedizeto go naked
    nancifullyin an effeminate manner
    nanismthe condition of being dwarfed or being a dwarf
    nanitycondition of deficiency in some respect
    nanizationartificial dwarfing
    nankeenbuff-coloured; durable buff-coloured cotton
    nanocephaloushaving an extremely small head
    naologystudy of church or temple architecture
    naostemple; inner cell of a temple
    napaeanymph that inhabits wooded dells
    napifolioushaving leaves like a turnip
    napiformshaped like a turnip
    napohsoutheast Asian mouse deer
    napooto destroy; to kill
    nappesheet of water flowing over a weir
    nappeability of a liquid to coat the back of a spoon
    napperone who naps cloth after it is fulled
    narcocracygovernment by those who control the drug trade
    narcohypnianumbness experienced upon awakening
    narcolepsypathological drowsiness
    narcologystudy and treatment of narcotic abuse
    narcomancydivination using sleep
    narcomaniauncontrollable craving for narcotics
    narcoseexperiencing a hallucinogenic stupor
    naresthe nostrils
    narialof, like or pertaining to the nostrils
    naricornhorny termination of a bird's nostril
    nariformshaped like the nostrils or like the human nose
    narquoismocking; malicious
    narratologystudy of narrative structure of texts
    narrischkeitfoolishness; nonsense
    narrowbackone who does not engage in manual labour
    narrowcastto transmit a program aimed at a small segment of the populace
    narthecalof or relating to fennel
    narthexsmall entrance or porch to a church
    narynot a one; not at all
    nasalnosepiece of a helmet
    nasardorgan mutation stop
    nascentimmature; in process of birth
    nasicornoushaving a horn on the nose
    nasillateto speak in a nasal manner
    nasologystudy of the nose
    nasonoak flute-stop for an organ
    nasutekeen-scented; critically discriminating; having a big nose
    nasutiformshaped like a nose
    natableable to float; able to be sailed
    natalitialof, like or pertaining to a birthday
    natationalof or relating to swimming
    natesthe buttocks
    nathelessnevertheless; notwithstanding
    naticideone who kills one's own child
    natiformshaped like buttocks
    nativismbelief that the mind possesses inborn thoughts
    natricineof, like or pertaining to water-snakes
    natronsodium bicarbonate
    natuaryhospital maternity ward
    naturalismbelief that the world can be explained in terms of natural forces
    naturellepale pink or beige colour
    naturismcommunal nudism
    naucifyto despise; to hold in low esteem
    naucraryone of forty-eight local divisions of the citizens of ancient Athens
    naufrageousin a state of danger or ruin; threatened
    naufragueshipwrecked person
    naumachymock sea-battle
    naupathiasea sickness
    naupegicalof or relating to shipbuilding
    nauscopypurported method for observing ships or land beyond the horizon
    nauseantproducing nausea
    nauticsart of navigation
    nautiliformhaving the shape of a nautilus
    navalismcult of naval supremacy or seapower
    navarchyrulership over the seas
    navelargest part of church where congregation sits
    navettepointed oval shape; jewel cut in this shape
    navifaunathe fauna aboard a ship
    navigerousbearing or able to bear a ship
    nazeheadland or cape
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